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NEED HELP ON THIS WORKSTRATEGY MANAGEMENTGo to the Strategy Club website and review the Sample Strategic Plan for Colgate-Palmolive (2019) under the student resources section. This sample strategic plan is an example of what your completed strategic case analysis should look like at the end of the course.PART 2 BCG MatrixFollow guidelines provided in Chapter 6 of the David text to learn how to create a BCG Matrix.Use your Strategic-Planning Template to develop a BCG Matrix for your company. Use your selected company’s most recent year-end financial data, and other information acquired earlier to assist you.Fill in the left Division column of the table with your selected company’s (AMAZON) divisions/segments (or whatever terminology applies to your particular company/industry). See an example of Coca-Cola in Chapter 1, and review Table 10.2 in the Colgate-Palmolive case. Utilize the research you have completed on your selected company to date and find information to fill in all the cells in your data table from Chapter 1.

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