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Need help with my writing homework on Psychology of Team Working. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This helps to create a form of identity among the members involved and they can pull their efforts towards the attainment of the desired goals and objectives.Organizations create formal groups in order to be able to formally assign tasks to different members to perform. Formal groups also help to define the line of authority in the organization where the leaders are in a position to delegate tasks to different people. This also helps all the members involved to be responsible for their particular tasks and to be aware of what is expected of them. The advantages of group decision making often vary depending on the objectives of the group. The major advantage is that collective decision is made and this help to create mutual understanding among all the members involved. The other advantage of group decision making is that it helps the managers to be able to control the group members since they would be in a position to understand what is expected of them. This helps them to share the same vision of the group which can also increase group performance and productivity. However, the major drawback is that there may be misunderstandings among the members of the group as far as decision making is concerned. This can hinder progress in the organization. Group decision making is also time-consuming which can affect the performance of the organization. Effective groups are characterized by improved performance as well as the motivation of the members. When people are pulling their efforts towards the attainment of the desired goals, they are likely to achieve the desired goals. Effective groups are also characterized by responsiveness to the needs of the customers.The behavior of the members of the group is shaped by the norms, roles and status in the organization. In each organization, there are norms that derive from the organizational values and these shape the behavior of the people.

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