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1. Intercultural History:
a. Describe when you first noticed that there were cultural groups other than your
own (i.e., age, geographic location/city or state, place, event, etc.).
b. How did your first experience with/of individuals from a culture different from
your own affect you in school, including secondary school and university?
c. Has your experience with and/or knowledge about cultures other than yours
affected your ability to work collaboratively with others (i.e., colleagues, patients
and/or family members, other)?
2. Intercultural Development Continuum
a. Describe your position on the Intercultural Development Continuum (i.e.,
monocultural or intercultural mindset). Address whether this position on the
continuum was expected or unexpected and explain why.
b. Identify your perceived orientation and developmental orientation. Address
whether these orientations were expected or unexpected and explain why.
c. Explain your orientation gap, including whether you accurately, over- or
underestimated your intercultural competence.
d. Identify your leading orientations and what that means to your development plan.
3. Intercultural Development Plan (IDP)
a. Identify at least four (4) intercultural learning opportunities (e.g., training
programs, theatre, film, and arts, books) that are outside your comfort zone that
may contribute to your intercultural development.
b. List at least three (3) intercultural learning goals you discussed during your
c. List at least one (1) barrier or challenge you have identified to achieving EACH of
your three (3) goals.
d. Describe how you plan on overcoming each of the barriers or challenges that you
have identified.

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