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Objective: To assess students’ ability to recognize and describe the significance of some of the cultural achievements and global connections of Western civilization in a creative and analytical manner.MY PROJECT WILL BE TO PRESENT THE RICE, I WILL PRESENT THE HISTORY OF RICE!!!Instructions:Present a brief history on one food item, food-related topic, scientific discovery or technology that relates to the period and material covered in this course (Western Civilizations to 1600).Presentations should include 5-10 slides using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi or some other media presentation program. The final slide should be a Works Cited page.The Slide Show should include 200-300 words total throughout the entire presentation, to include descriptions of the topic, its origins, its history as it relates to topics studied in the class.Images are highly encouraged, though be sure to include the link or citation where the image was obtained.Good submissions will clearly define the connection of the food or piece of technology or scientific discovery to the development or significance of cultural (economic or political) achievements of Western Civilizations.Attend the final Zoom Session during the Final “Exam” scheduled time.Example topics below.Details:The presentation should include the following sections clearly labeled:1) brief history2) impact or significance on Western Civilizations.Please find and use at least two sources, with at least one being a non-Wikipedia source, for your history, primary source material is highly recommended.Sources can include, but are not limited to library databases, museums, academic curated or published sites, websites from the industry (be sure to analyze bias!), etc.Wikipedia can be used as a launching pad into your research but be sure to check that the references are verifiable and reliable sources.Do NOT use history.comReferences must be properly cited. Presentation must include Works Cited (Links to an external site.) on the final slideSample topics:Food examples: beer, wine, sugar, oils, breads, pies, beansFood related items: history of taverns or wine sellers, beer (or other beverage) making, laws protecting certain food items, holy food items (Eucharist), etc.Science and Technology: the plow, compass, Golden Ratio, Siege Engines, concrete, wind mills, eye glassesExamples: From WC2 Spring 2020 Coffee (Links to an external site.)Have fun, be creative, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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