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ObjectivesOn successful completion of this assessment, students should be able to:identify various sources of ideas for new ventures,explain opportunity recognition and the need to change thinking about opportunities, anddemonstrate creative thinking in addressing consumer needs.Brief DescriptionStudents will keep a journal in an electronic format where they outline ten ideas for a new business or expansion of an existing business. The Idea Journal is where students use strategies to locate, identify, and describe new ideas and identify problems or issues requiring a new solution. For the first two units of the course students maintain an “idea journal”. This journal should show a progression in thinking and idea generation.Submission InstructionsSubmit a journal of ten ideas and describe how these ideas meet consumer needs. These should be original ideas that show a wealth of critical thinking. Each journal should include an introduction and conclusion, should be 4-6 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and 12 pts size . The paper should follow the APA guidelines for format and citation.

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