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Topic: Cerebral palsy
Each student will submit an individual paper on their assigned health condition/disability. Refer to the syllabus for expectations regarding references and citing in APA format. Students are expected to include in-text citations in the final paper.
The paper should be: 
? double spaced 
? with one-inch margins
? 10 to 12-point font size  
? 4-5 pages, not including reference section or title page
Part 1 – Paper Instructions
Paper Part A:Describe how the condition or disability affects occupational performance and participation in 1 page(10 points)
• Describe how the typical course of the condition/disability may affect occupational performance and participation. This section should include a description of basic etiology, symptoms, and common treatment interventions (e.g., medical, surgical, and therapeutic/rehabilitative)
• Choose 2-3 of the mainoccupations (e.g., ADL, IADL, health management, rest/sleep, education, work, play, leisure and social participation) that the condition/disabilitymay impact, and describe how each of these areas are affected
• Provide 2 contextual factors (one personal and one environmental) from the OT Practice Framework (OTPF-4) that could further impact a person’s occupational engagement in the occupations you identified above. 
Paper Part B:Describe OT’s role in addressing occupational performance and participationrelated to the condition in 3-4 pages(15 points)
• Describe 2-3 settings in which an OT may work with individuals with this condition/disability 
• Provide 2 examples of assessments that could be used to evaluate occupational performance (you may choose any of the assessments discussed in lab or others related to this setting or condition/disability) – use https://www.sralab.org/rehabilitation-measures for ideas on assessments that are appropriate for this condition. 
o Describe how the assessments relate to at least 2 of the 5 domains from the OTPF-4 and in chapter 10 of your textbook (i.e., occupations, client factors, performance skills, performance patterns, and contexts/environments)
• Describe 3 goals (or desired outcomes) of an OT intervention for people living with this condition or disability
• Choose 2 goals from the bullet point above and provide at least 2 examples of intervention activities that the OT may use when working with someone with this condition/disability to support goal attainment. Provide a description of the intervention approach for each example (e.g., create/promote, establish/restore, maintain, modify, prevent) (as described in the OTPF and on pages 92-93 of your textbook)

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