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Please post your initial and response postings below by the due dates posted in the NGR 7820 Course Schedule.  Initial Postings:   Begin your post by restating the question.  Please refer to NGR 7820 Expectations: Discussion Postings/Written WorkNote:  You will have one initial posting for Part 2 of this module.Response Postings:  Respond to one of your peer’s initial posts following the above guidelines.Formatting: All references are to be formatted using APA 7th ed. style.Minimum Word Count:  500 words per postGrading:  Total discussion points = 100 (initial and response) – see grading rubricDiscussion QuestionsPlease post a response to your assigned discussion question:List several barriers you have seen in your clinical practice to building strong patient relationships?   How might you as an advanced practice nurse remove these barriers?  Describe specific leadership actions that might facilitate relationship building.Discuss the user-centered design process and its relevance to engaging patients in innovation and evidence-based practices.Discuss the three key tensions in the practice of patient-centered care.  Discuss how the advanced practice nurse might mitigate these tensions within the context of your current practice environment.Have you ever observed toxic team behaviors?  Share the patterns of behavior that you witnessed.  What feelings did you notice?  How might a high performing team look different?There are many ways organizational structures can have an impact on connections, relationships, and information flow.  Discuss behavior patterns, policies, or structures in your work environment that might facilitate the creation of toxic behaviors.Post a databased, peer-reviewed article of interest relevant to module concepts.  Summarize the article for your peers. Note:  the selected article may not come from the module supplemental readings.

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