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You are working for a company that is expanding with 150 new stores in the Southeast…. they want YOU to research the Southeastern States (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee) to determine where their next warehouse/distribution center should be located. They have also asked you to define the following before they make any final decisions:
WAREHOUSE AROUND? You may use an existing Company or make one up!
For this project you will need to research and determine the following:
A. Location
a. What key factors will determine where you build your warehouse and why?
b. What do you want your warehouse to look like on the outside and why is this important?
c. What about weather conditions/climate and why are they important?
B. Decide on a “design”
a. “U” , straight through, or other design you feel will work best for your product.
b. Do you need high ceilings? Why is this important? Benefit?
c. How big does your warehouse need to be and why?
d. Think about your internet connectivity – this will go in hand with your Warehouse Management
e. What type of storage are you going to include (bulk, racking, bins, etc.)?
f. Think about docks…where do you them, how many do you need? Is the size and height
important? Why or why not?
g. What are your office area needs?
h. What are your equipment needs for this product and design?
i. What about a safe work environment… how can you incorporate this into the design?
C. Managing the Warehouse
a. What key departments will be in your warehouse (receiving, shipping, etc..) and what is the
function of each. How do these departments depend on the design of your warehouse?
b. We understand that labor is the biggest cost in your warehouse. How can you help control
some of the costs with your design?
c. What will be your plan for inventory accuracy – why is this important?
d. Provide any other information that is important or unique to the design of your warehouse.
e. Tell me a little about your plans for you new employees in this new facility.
D. Summary
Provide a final summary explaining how this project was or was not beneficial to you in your
journey to learn about warehouse management.

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