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Practicum Unit 4 See attached files for part one as well as instructions and rubric for part 2
Practicum Unit 4 See attached files for part one as well as instructions and rubric for part 2
Learning Experience Plan (LEP) Part 1 LEP i. Title of the Lesson: Phonics iii. Children’s Age Group: 4-5 years ii. Number of Children in the Group: Five iv. Length of Lesson: 45 Minutes 1. Early Learning Standards Early Learning Standard #1: Domain: Creative Arts Strand: Early childhood learning experiences will help children create colourful charts relating to the topic of the lesson. Learning Progression: Graphic arts Indicator: L.24.3 Utilized different materials to present the ideas of the lesson through graphic art. Early Learning Standard #2: Domain: Language and Literacy Strand: Early childhood learning experiences will help children pronounce words and letters appropriately. Learning Progression: Pronunciation Indicator: L.35.6 Pronounce complex words through the mastering of pronouncing phonics. Early Learning Standard #3: Domain: Cognition Strand: Early childhood learning experiences will help children learn better and enhance their cognitive skills. Learning Progression: Reading Indicator: C.34.6 Employ connections of reading and pronunciation to develop their cognitive skills. 2. Three Key Objectives The children will read the stories loudly and learn about phonics. The children will practise pronouncing these phonics. The children will create colourful charts in Alphabet. 3. Materials Needed Alpha tales Box Set Plain charts Pencils Colouring Pencils Water Colors Glue Glitter 4. Vocabulary Phonics Fluent Alphabet Pronunciation Articulate Part 2 LEP 5. Six Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions Level 1. Understanding What is unique in the 26 books in the Alpha tales box set? Why do you think the author used words starting with the same letter in the 26 different stories? Level 2. Remembering The alpha tales box set consists of 26 stories for every letter of the Alphabet. What is the story under the letter L? Who are the main characters of the story? Level 3. Applying How would you use phonics in constructing and pronouncing words? Level 4. Analyzing Why is it important to learn phonics? Level 5. Evaluating Do you think the book set helped you learn about phonics? Level 6. Creating If you were going to write a story about a Wailing Whale, what letters would you use? 6. Instructional Procedures Introduction and Story Telling Ask the children to recite the Alphabet from the beginning to the end. Ask questions about what they know about phonics. Hold the book set up for the children to see. Explain to them why the Alpha tales box set consists of 26 stories and ask them what they notice about each story. Read each story and emphasize the vocabulary. Ask the above six HOTS questions during the lesson. 7. Home-school Connection Ask each parent to purchase the Alpha tales box set for their children. Besides, encourage their parents to read these stories to their children and help them with pronouncing phonics. Lastly, ask their parents to help the children make colourful charts on the letters of the Alphabet and charts indicating five words that start with the letter of each story’s title. 8. Modification To modify the lesson for one child with childhood-onset fluency disorder (stammering), I will do the following: Offer one on one help. Give the child time to complete the pronunciation of words. Inform other children about the child’s disorder and ask them to create a friendly and comfortable environment to help them gain confidence in articulating words. Pair the child with another child who will help them pronounce these phonics. 9. Assessment Assessment Chart for Alpha tales box set Child’s Name Read the stories loudly and fluently Practiced pronouncing phonics Created colourful charts on Alphabets Notes Michelle Assisted a groupmate with pronouncing words and letters. Eric Not Observed He was shy when his time to pronounce the letters came because he stammered. Tanya Created the most colourful charts. Gregory Used the vocabulary word fluent in answering why the lesson was important. Cliff Kept complaining that he had a headache.

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