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Prepare a negotiation strategy in a report format for a company or government or other legal entity on a project or undertaking of your own choosing. Be sure to clearly describe the nature of that project or under taking. You will need to establish a plan for negotiations that will permit negotiators to maximize the ability to obtain best value, based on the requirement and established evaluation factors. In that regard you will need to determine an overall negotiation approach. This would include;•Selecting the strategy and tactics that are likely to be most effective in accomplishing the priorities and objectives for the negotiation.•Planning the order in which issues will be addressed during negotiations. •Identifying potential concessions, including:– Potential concessions that the entity would be willing to make in response to projected offeror concessions.- Concessions that the entity would expect from the offeror in response to potential concessions.•Planning bargaining tactics suited to the negotiator’s personality and the tactics that will probably be used by the offeror’s negotiator.•Examine the likely impact and outcomes of the strategy applied.The length of the report will not be more than 2500 words excluding references. References should ideally be the latest (year 2010 and onwards) and use the American Psychological Association (APA) or Harvard format.

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