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Everyone will be paired up with a “Lesson Partner.” Each pair will lead a class discussion on  a “deep dive” into the topic for selected readings on a chosen date. Think about how other readings and discussions that we have had in class connect to your readings. Highlight the continuing threads when you lead the class discussion. Create three open ended questions that encapsulate all of the readings. Think about who is affected by this issue? Why? How long, etc. Put the topic of your readings into a larger social context. What are the core issues and the impact on Black/African-American communities highlighted in this topic? Which social institutions are affected? Discuss how they are affected and how they affect Black people.  You can use this as your springboard for our discussion. You are REQUIRED to use visuals that will enhance our exploration of this subject matter, e.g. a Youtube clip, interactive graph(s), etc. Include a theme song for your lesson. You will play your song at the beginning of your lesson and tell us why you chose it and how it relates to your lesson. Share the lyrics in the Discussions link in Canvas. Title your thread by the date of your presentation and names of co-teachers. Think about some ways that you like to be engaged in conversation and employ them. Remember that the purpose of our course is to build our understanding of this topic and the many issues surrounding it, so share, encourage, and support each other. Remember to warn your audience if you are presenting triggering imagery, like Black trauma, rape scenes, etc. If you are unsure if your material should have a trigger warning, err on the side of giving your classmates the warning. 
Select a Soul Food recipe and song to pair with your lesson. You may use a recipe from the book High on the Hog or another. Discuss why your chose the recipe and the music. Did you modify the recipe? Why or why not?  Partners will be selected the second week of classes. It is your responsibility to maintain contact information and interaction with your partner. Be sure to communicate with me if there are challenges with your team. Do so early.

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