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DescriptionTCOM 3302
Business and Technical Report Writing
Progress Report
Learning Outcomes:
Due Date:
1. Research, design, create and prepare informal and formal
documents suitable for the workplace
4. Edit documents for correctness
Your instructor, Dr. Petts
Friday, April 14 at 11:59PM (or earlier)
Project description
The progress report is the second of three interconnected projects that comprise the last unit
of our semester in TCOM 3302:
Proposal: where
you propose a
problem to
research and solve
report: where you
provide decisionmakers with at
least two
to solve the
Progress report:
where you provide
updates on your
progress toward
completing the
The purpose of a progress report (also called a status report) is to update the reader on the
progress of a particular project (Graves & Graves, 2021). Your progress report will update me
on your progress writing the recommendation report using the tasks you identified in the plan
of work section of your proposal.
In order to write a successful progress report, you will need to keep detailed records of the
work you have done to write the recommendation report. I suggest creating an Excel
spreadsheet where you record a summary of the work you’ve done each work session, the
date, and the time you spent on the work.
Searched UHD Library databases for articles
March 27
1.5 hours
Progress report content requirements
Your progress report should be a minimum of 500 words. We will follow an adapted version of
the status report structure in Figure 7.1 on page 112 of the textbook. Your progress report
should include the following sections:
Spring 2023
TCOM 3302
Business and Technical Report Writing
1. Introduction. Refresh the reader’s memory on the project and summarize its central
2. Work completed. Use the same tasks you identified in your research proposal as a
reference here. List the tasks completed and detailed information about how you
completed those tasks. If you encountered challenges completing these tasks, describe
what you did to address those challenges.
3. Work remaining. Use the same tasks you identified in your research proposal as a
reference here. List the tasks remaining and detailed information about how you plan to
finish those tasks before the recommendation report due date.
4. Conclusion. Your overall assessment of the project and any changes you’ve made to the
tasks or due dates you listed in the proposal.
Memo format
Your progress report will be written in memo format. Memos are a common business and
technical genre. Our textbook discusses how to write a memo in Chapter 6, pages 102-103.
You can use the sample memo in Figure 6.4 as a guide.
Make sure your proposal meets these memo formatting guidelines:
• Includes conventions of the memo genre
o To:
o From:
o Date:
o Subject:
• Single-spaced
• Written in block paragraph format (which means that paragraphs are not indented)
• Uses headings
This project is worth 100 points total. I will evaluate your work based on the project
requirements and using these five measures:
• Comprehensiveness: A comprehensive progress report provides readers with a
complete, self-contained discussion.
• Honesty: A progress report should honestly represent the work you’ve done for the
recommendation report.
• Clarity: Readers should be able to understand your progress report without difficulty.
• Professional appearance: If your progress report looks professional, readers will form a
positive impression of it and you.
Spring 2023
TCOM 3302

Business and Technical Report Writing
Correctness: A correct progress report adheres to the conventions of grammar,
punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and usage.
Submit your progress report in the Projects folder on Blackboard. Use one of two formats: a
Word Document (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf).
Graves, H, & Graves, R. (2021). A concise guide to technical communication. Broadview.
Spring 2023
Research Proposal
To: Alexa Hawrysz, Amazon’s Delivery Service Director
From: Luan Pham, Amazon Flex Driver
Date: March 23, 2023
Subject: Research Proposal on Addressing the Package Delivery Challenges using New
Introducing the Research Problem
The purpose of this research proposal is to explore recommendations that can help solve the
weak signal problem, preventing Amazon Flex drivers from registering their deliveries.
Amazon’s delivery services have helped clients receive their orders within the established
schedules. This has promoted customer loyalty and eased their hustle on accessing purchased
orders (Amazon Flex, n.d.). Besides, these services provide flexible opportunities for the
enrolled drivers to earn supplemental income from delivering parcels. As a part-time Amazon
Flex Driver, I have enjoyed delivering to diverse clients. During my day-to-day engagements,
however, I have encountered challenges with weak internet signals in some areas around
Houston, thus making it difficult for me to mark the package delivered.
Solving the weak signal problem is important because it will enable the drivers and company to
keep track of the deliveries. By keeping track, the management will use the records to reimburse
their drivers accordingly. Consequently, this will benefit the company by identifying competent
drivers who deliver their packages within the predetermined time estimates and determining
whether to retain them. Furthermore, addressing the problem will help drivers track their
earnings and monitor their mileage (Amazon Flex, n.d.). Considering the stated problem applies
to all Amazon Flex drivers who use their android powered phones to mark the package as
delivered, solving it will help them easily deliver packages to customers on time.
The decision-makers, starting with you, as the company’s delivery service director, senior
manager, business development leaders, IT team, and drivers’ representatives, should be part of
the brainstorming and decision-making process. Additional research will help identify additional
people to include so that the recommended solution provides substantial impacts on key
Plan of Work
The company can address this delivery problem by investing in new technology, particularly new
devices with strong internet signals, allowing drivers to execute their operations efficiently even
in weak signal areas (Mawere & Simon, 2021). The software engineer and IT team at Amazon
can develop the new device that helps the Amazon Flex drivers make timely deliveries and enjoy
their job while doing so due to minimized hitches.
While acknowledging the network challenges in certain areas in Houston, generating feedback
from other drivers designated in other blocks will help gather data from other regions with
network hiccups. Notably, the feedback gathered will help generate data-driven solutions that
improve operations.
Additionally, identifying the right team to assist in decision-making on the appropriate
technology Amazon Flex should invest in will be strategic. Leveraging expertise from key
leaders in the company will play a significant role in determining the right technology to address
the problem and determine if the company has the finances to invest in it.
Furthermore, exploring training programs that educate the drivers on how to utilize the invested
technology will be crucial. Generally, such measures will allow all Amazon Flex drivers to selfnavigate the new tool even when driving in areas with weak network signals.
In sum, addressing the challenges experienced in marking deliveries due to weak network signals
in some areas, such as Houston, will improve drivers’ operations. Solving this problem using the
investment recommendation of the new technology is important. This will allow the company,
drivers, and clients to feel satisfied with the delivery services (Mawere & Simon, 2021). Hence,
taking prompt action is highly recommended to boost productivity in the delivery sector.
Amazon Flex (n.d.). Let’s Drive. https://flex.amazon.com/lets-drive
Mawere, D. O., & Simon, K. S. C. (2021). Technology and Performance Management: Strategies
in Quality Service Delivery. Global Journal of Management and Business Research,
21(A6), 55-67.

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