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Here is peer 1’s response that I need a response for:
Generally, it is most beneficial that psychologists study the entire lifespan rather than just one singular portion of the human life because humans are constantly changing. The most change happens when humans are born all the way to a fully matured adult. Although many changes occur between birth and the end of adolescence, the body and mind continuously change with time. Psychologists have learned by studying the whole lifespan that every change within the human is an important part of their studies. Realizing that important developments occur throughout our whole lives allows us humans to have more clarity on our life experiences and changes within us as we age. It affects our lives positively because we get an understanding of how experiences affect us in any way, shape, or form. 
The scientific methodology that is used in lifespan psychology would be observations, case studies, interviews, standardized tests, and physiological measures. The typical research designs used in lifespan psychology would include correlational research, descriptive research, and experimental research. In my personal opinion, I believe that the use of the natural observation method of scientific methodology produces best results in the study of lifespan development. I feel that this will many situations perfectly because there is nothing being altered. This allows someone to observe and obtain real world results without much being planned. The research design that I feel would be best would be the experimental research option. This fits best because it is more of a cause and effect situation. This allows manipulating factors in a controlled way which would be very beneficial when getting more accurate results. 
Here is peer 2’s response that I need a response to:
Growing up as kids we go through many changes, especially as teenagers and entering adulthood. I believe psychologists study the whole life span now because as we get older we still go through changes in our lives, and traumas that we have to get used to, these are changes that we go through physically and emotionally. I feel like these changes affect our lives because we have to recognize and accept what we went through and the changes that we go through and I think a big part of it is acceptance. 
A scientific methodology used in psychology is the survey research method and a typical research design used in psychology are case studies, surveys, observational, correletaniol, experimental, cross-cultural, and participant observational methods. I think the one that will give the best results is typical research designs because with this you will get to study and analyze the patient, ask them questions, and get to know them, and how they think. You will get to observe them and their actions, the form of solution to their problems. You will get to know them and gain their trust as you talk to them.  
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