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You should have a six paragraph essay–introduction, 4 individual paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction is basically your report about what you encountered during your shift.Use the individuals created in the guidelines and write a paragraph on each. DO NOT MAKE ANYTHING UP! A paragraph with at least 8 sentences about the individual’s problem, why you selected this problem and how you think the website you referred them to may help. Please make sure your disorder fits the age of the individual. Not all disorders fit everyone. You are making a discussion based on what you have read. Your concluding paragraph should indicate why you selected the disorders (your level of interest) as well as why you selected the website. You can send an individual to both websites, just explain why?
Your writing has to be college level writing. This means that you must have a double spaced assignment with 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right. You should use proper English, no text language and have complete sentences. You should avoid contractions and you should provide this assessment/summary in 3rd person. No use of I…you are an outside report. Which means you will use the term, “the volunteer elected to refer individual #1, or …. to the following website.

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