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Research on the relationship between young children’s well-being and paternal incarceration is my topic of interest. explore data to evaluate the mental and behavioral outcomes of young children experiencing paternal incarceration. Seeking to examine the emotional and social health of young children visiting incarcerated parents and the long term possible impacts. Furthermore, examine the mental and behavioral consequences of paternal incarceration for children which increase the risk of anxiety, poverty, assault, and aggression. Examining data and studies that are beneficial to the topic when understanding the impacts of both maternal and paternal incarceration on young children is my focus. What is the problem?  What theoretical framework from the past literature can be used to research the topic?Objectives: Analyze the origin of a problem statement.Defend a problem statement with the extant literature. Problem Statement. The Problem Statement, like the topic, must emerge from the relevant scholarly literature. It must be directly related to the topic presented above.How does the gap/need that emerges from the extant literature during the literature review process influence the development of the problem statement for a dissertation? Explain. Literature Review. The literature referenced in this section must build an adequate defense for studying the topic presented above.The methodology and design must address the Problem Statement. You must provide a defense for your choice of methodology and design; explain how it addresses the Problem Statement and meets the need established by the Literature Review. APA format, academic peer review articles only, no direct quoting, in cite references, at least 5 articles

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