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Sara Smith, the Accounting Manager at ABC Company, has decided to document activities related to the Accounts Receivable Process at ABC Company so that future changes to the accounting information system will be efficient and effective.  She also hopes to make improvements on weaknesses discovered in the system. Sara drafted the following narrative, explaining the process: Every day, customer payments are received in the mail.  Each afternoon, the Treasurer gets the mail.  The mail includes customer payments and the associated remittances.  The Treasurer endorses all checks “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY”, prepares a deposit slip.  The Treasurer gives the checks and the deposit slip to the Executive Assistant, and the Treasurer sends the remittances to the Accounts Receivable Clerk.The Executive Assistant drives to the bank, makes the deposit, and receives a deposit receipt.  Upon returning to the office, the Executive Assistant gives the deposit receipt back to the treasurer, who compares it to the deposit slip and files it in the Deposits File, sorted by date.The Accounts Receivables Clerk uses the data from the remittance slips to update the Accounts Receivable Database by entering the data into the Accounts Receivable Program.  The Accounts Receivable clerk then files the remittance slips in a Customer Payments file, sorted alphabetically by customer, then by date.Prepare a context diagram to document accounts receivable processing at ABC Company.Prepare a level zero diagram of the accounts receivable processing at ABC Company.Prepare a document flowchart to document accounts receivable processing at ABC Company.Prepare a Business Process Diagram to document accounts receivable at ABC Company.Submit an Excel workbook as an xlsx file.  Your submission should include the following:One Excel file.First tab:  “Context Diagram”Second tab: “Level 0 Diagram”Third tab: “Document Flowchart”Fourth tab: “BPD”

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