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First step >
Please write a two-page description of the need for project management in Saudi Arabia (is there a need? Is there a trend? Announcements or policies that may affect project management in Saudi, facts and figures)
you my use the following resources, and you can add more of you need. (minimum of 3)
2- https://napier-repository.worktribe.com/preview/2996836/JCDC%2019%281%29%202014-Art.%203%20%2835-52%29.pdf
Second step>
Based on the information you found in step one, write a two-page report on why you think it is important to study project management, especially as a woman in Saudi Arabia. Make sure you are using the findings you gathered in step one to substantiate your reasoning and points.
Third step>
you will need to watch the movie Chicken Run. You will find it on YouTube, and other streaming platforms and write a 2 page summary of the video and answer the questions listed below
           •           Why is it important to have your team buy into the project? 
           •           What can a project manager to do get the team to buy in?

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