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My PICOT question is in long-term patients how does the nursing shortage compared with being fully staffed affect the chances of medical errors during their length of stay?

-My opinion and standpoint for my research essay: I believe that the nursing shortage has a negative impact on the patients as well as the nurses. Having more patients to care for adds to the workload and stress levels begin to raise for the nurses. Patients are affected by seeing their nurse less, developing pressure wounds, lack of rapport, medication errors, oral and personal hygiene skipped, and longer hospital stays due to complications that could have been prevented. The nurse is at risk for making errors, poor clinical judgment, and missing essential clues for a change in condition due to the quick moving pace. Overall, patients need adequate care therefore nursing positions need to be filled to lessen the shortage. 
Select another quantitative study from your literature related to your PICOT question. Outline the research variables.

Respond to each of the following questions/areas:
Are the independent or dependent variables or research variables or concepts identified?
Are the variables that are manipulated or measured in the study consistent with the variables identified in the purpose or the objectives, questions, or hypotheses?
Were the essential demographic variables examined and summarized?
Were the extraneous variables identified and controlled as necessary in the study?
Are there uncontrolled extraneous variables that may have influenced the findings? Is the potential impact of these variables on the findings discussed?
Summarize the data collection, data management and analysis, problem statement and interpretation of the findings.
Explain the concepts of reliability and validity and how statistical methods can affect them.

Identify the statistical procedures used. Do the statistical procedures used lead to a reliable and valid conclusion?
Judge whether the author’s interpretation of the results is appropriate.
Evaluate the clinical significance of the findings.

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