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Older people suffer discrimination, and often, so do teenagers. Compare the discrimination of the elderly to that of teenagers. What do the groups share in common and how are they different? 
2. After reading McKibben’s “the Only Way to Have a Cow”, Gustin’s “Can a Climate Conscious Diet…”, and viewing “The Meat of the Matter” film, write about your thoughts/responses to these works. What are you thinking after viewing/reading these? What important topic jumped out at you?,
3. Develop a conversation with your classmates after watching BOTH At the Fork film (1:30 mins.) and the FoodForward “The Meat of the Matter” tv episode (20mins.) and reading the Mckibben and Harari articles. Begin the discussion by answering the following question:
McKibben suggests that an ethics of eating must concern itself with environmental factors while Harari’s ethics of eating involves empathizing with meat animals at sentient beings who deserve our respect and better treatment. Which “ethics of eating” is most important to you? Why? How does your current diet support or ignore these ethics? After viewing these materials, do you have more respect for meat animals or not? Will you make any changes in your choices?Fully explain your response.

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