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SUBJECT:PURPOSIVE COMMUNICATIONRead the following situation and answer the question follow:James Warick, Director of Physical Plant at Southern Hospital, e-mailed Diane curtis, Director of Nursing informing her of a leak in Operating Room 1 that must be shutdown for repairs early next morning. Curtis forwarded the message to Joanne Messing,the operating room nurse supervisor on duty for the night shift. Messing, tired from a long nights work, handwrote a message and taped it on the bulletin board to the nurse supervisor in the day shift to switch the 8am operation from room 1 to room 8 David Swanson, the day shift nurse supervisor, arrived at 7:30 a.m and found Dr.Roberts shouting that his patient was ready for surgery ,but no rooms were available because Dr. Jones had already taken 8 rooms.1.Enumerate the channels of communication used by each person.?2.Should different channel of communication have been used instead?why?3. What can be done to resolve the problem?4. What future policies should be put in the place to prevent this form occuring again?

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