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The reading is A&P by john Updike here’s the link : https://littletonpublicschools.net/sites/default/files/HHS-2015-Eng-10%20Honors%20Summer%20reading_1.pdf  Literary Analysis Essay Requirements: Choose one of the previously assigned works from the reading lists used in Module 3.This essay will be a 4 paragraph essay 500+ words long: introduction, 2 body paragraphs, conclusion. The wordcount will include anything from the introduction to the conclusion, but avoid overquoting, which can harm your grade.A minimum of one research source is required that comes from the SPC college database. No internet websites may be used unless they have been approved by the instructor.Utilize at least 2 “direct quotes” from the literature in your paper (1 per body paragraph). A “quote” should not span more than 1 to 1 ½ lines of your Word document. Avoid over quoting. Document the quotations using correct MLA format for in-text citations.Utilize MLA formatting for the document, including in-text citations and the Works Cited page. Example (Last name, page #) for paper text or (Last name) for online readings.Utilize your own analysis and our in-class discussion posts as part of your paper.Focus your analysis on the THEME of the work and show how the author develops his/her THEME through the use of two different literary elements.Some examples of literary elements or terms are: characterization, conflict, symbolism, or setting. More can be found in the provided list of Literary Terms in Module 4.II: Follow these guidelines when organizing and drafting your Short Story Literary Analysis Essay:Create an original title for your essay which reflects the central idea of your work.Within the introductory paragraph: Introduce the plot but avoid an extended plot summary. The bulk of your word count should be in the body paragraphs, not in the introduction or conclusion. 4-5 sentences would be appropriate.The thesis (the last sentence in the introduction) must present the THEME or message about life the author is attempting to convey. Include a preview of the two literary elements within your thesis.Example: In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”, the characters and the setting demonstrate that a lack of communication can damage a relationship.Introduce your body paragraphs using restricted topic sentences. Each body paragraph should present a different literary element and talk about how it connects to the theme you chose.Finish the essay with a strong concluding paragraph that emphasizes the theme and thetechniques you talked about.Use only third person objective point-of-view. Do not use first person “I” or me , second person “you” or subjective third person “we”, our or “us”.

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