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TOPICS COVEREDOver the past couple of weeks, we’ve engaged in discussions about reasons that separates us, things that make us similar, and reasons why individuals vote versus why some do not.  We will bring all of our thoughts and ideologies to this midterm. The following issues are what we’ve touched on thus far:Income/EducationRace/EthnicityImmigrationLiberalism/ConservatismReligionLobbyists/Interest GroupsProtest as Political ParticipationWhy People Don’t VoteBefore getting to the steps, group members will:Divide the obligations among themselves to ensure that the project will be complete.Share information and build the powerpoint together.Everyone MUST participate!!! If a group member does not do their fair share of research, other group members may email me or call to discuss the lack of participation from that group member.You will find that you are already within a group. Be sure to check the announcements for which group you are in.  Within your group, you will be able to communicate with group members, share files and information and you may choose any platform to build a powerpoint (Slide, Microsoft Powerpoints, Prezi), as long as you can upload it to Canvas.Listen to the audio for a clearer explanation of this project.GATHERING DATAStep 1: You will be assigned one of the following counties.OrangeOsceolaMiami-DadeLeonHillsboroughPinellasStep 2: Document the percentage of People who live in this county by race (White, Black, Hisp/Latino, Asian, Island Pacific or other) Also, under People, document the percentage of those who were born in the U.S. versus those who were not.Step 3: Document the percentage of Workers who live in your county (those who are employed versus unemployed)Step 4: Document the percentage of Housing(those who are owners versus those who are renters)Step 5: Socio-Economic (Document the percentage of people making $50,000 or less)Step 6: Education: (Document the percentage of those who have some college, no degree vs those who have graduated)Step 7: For your county, give the name of a few incumbent/current congresspersons.Step 8: Based on the midterm election (you may choose 2014, 2016 or 2018), how many votes were cast for the congressperson in that year?(Note: Whatever year you use, please be sure to align all of your data with that year. For example, if you choose the midterm election for 2014, you will want to find data for workers, housing, and education in that same year for your district).Step 9: How many voters are registered in that county?Step 10: How many voters voted in the year that you selected? How many did not?Step 11: Based on the data that you’ve obtained, according to your analysis, why do you think voters did not vote in your county?Once you’ve gathered your data, put together a powerpoint and present the findings by turning the assignment in to the instructor. One student may do the voice over, over the slide. If a voice over does not work, you may submit a script in its place. One student should submit this with everyone’s name on the project and paper (in order to receive credit).Within your search for data, please describe your county as well (for example, you may say that the county is largely low-income with a low percentage of college graduates; or the county is largely affluent with a high percentage of college graduates and professionals). You should also identify the culture of your county (culture as defined as knowledge, beliefs, values, laws, customs, the way of life.  Please include arts, etc.)The written component will be a three page essay, based off of the data that you have gathered, with explanations of that data. The essay is a working paper with all members adding their data with explanations of the data in the essay. This is to be submitted at the same time that you turn in your presentation.  The essay will be based on the data compiled for your presentation (you will just report your data and explain the data that you found).

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