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Using the information provided and your own additional research create a poster using the template file that is attach. The poster would need to include an introduction section, a method section, and a result section. And include pictures
In the Introduction area: The Introduction provides background information on the problem to be investigated, The Introduction should conclude with a clearly stated study hypothesis and its experimental expectations, and It should describe the current state of knowledge about the problem.
In the Method Area: The Methods section should describe procedures used in testing the study hypothesis, Materials, equipment, analytical and statistical procedures should all be described in detailed under Methods, Procedures should be described in sufficient detail that they can be repeated by others.
In the Result Area: The Results section is a summary of the experimental outcome of the study, Tables and figures should include legends explaining what they are summarizing, Results should include a concise verbal description of the outcome as well as tables and figures, showing statistical results and experimental error.

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