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WHAT?  You are a finalist candidate for an exciting career opportunity for Manager of Healthcare Ambulatory Marketing, now available with a reputable nonprofit hospital in your local community! SO WHAT?  The Manager of Healthcare Ambulatory Marketing will plan, coordinate, and manage the development and execution of consumer and business-focused marketing and communications to support growth, brand awareness, and education for the Medical Network specifically, which includes the urgent care, primary and specialty care clinics, and for the community at large. NOW WHAT?  The CEO (aka The Instructor) is interested in fairly evaluating prospective candidates for the job.For initial introduction to this important issue, the CEO is referring candidates to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, in anticipation of candidates’ further research: Covid Vaccine: ZDoggMD, Other Doctors Fight Anti-Vaxxers Online (https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-zdoggmd-covid-antivaxxers/?utm_medium=deeplink ), and to Chapter 17 of the Buchbinder et. al. textbook, Introduction to Health Care Management.)The CEO has requested a 3-6 page written in APA/MLA format, (accompanied by same content in formal word document formatted in accordance with APA/MLA format), succinctly summarizing the historical context for the pseudo-science being promulgated in opposition to vaccination, and to the peer-reviewed scientific literature in support of vaccination, refuting the misinformation currently circulating on social media, and justifying the recent NYS mandate for healthcare workers to be vaccinated. (https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-covid-19-vaccination-mandate-healthcare-workers )Each candidate will then deliver an presentation  of 3-5 minutes duration, clearly presenting the results of their research, using PowerPoint slides (no more than 10, including title slide and final slide with references), succinctly summarizing the historical context for the anti-vaxxer movement and the pseudo-science being promulgated in opposition to vaccination; and briefly summarizing the scientific arguments in support of vaccination, refuting the misinformation currently circulating on social media, providing the scientific rationale for the recent NYS mandate for all healthcare workers to be vaccinated.

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