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Write 1 page thesis on the topic this painting of alexander the great. Each picture is a kind of tableaux trying to communicate a single emotion be it triumph, jealousy, or grief. The title of this painting is especially evocative. It makes the connection between Alexander and Achilles. This immediately makes us think about the personality of Alexander and how he was driven and what weaknesses he might have had. It also puts Alexander into the same category as the Greek hero of earlier times. In a sense, the painter is creating a double image of Greek heroes and showing how the legacy of Achilles, as told by Homer in the Iliad, is also part of Alexanders life and career. The image has an epic quality to it which spans many centuries and shows what is truest about history. This is a work of art that teaches us all of this. It shows us through its composition and theme that the ancient world is still very much with us today.

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