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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic journal assessment of its653 unit. The article shows how an appropriate questionnaire is built and how the focus group discussions can be interpreted to reach the desired conclusions. The analysis has helped me understand the way a survey is carried and processed according to the specific questions. The next journal which comprised comparison among different related articles showed how to categorically research on different subjects of sustainability especially Green IT. The work helped in structuring a set of research articles according to their arguments, keywords etc. This assignment was important to understand how to select an appropriate methodology for a research paper. The assignments allowed a lot of scope for reflections and observations on the articles reviewed.The negative part is that there was no scope for considering recent news articles or other media publications on the subject which could have given a more practical and topical purview on the topic. Hence the knowledge and analysis got restricted to some extent. Owing to limited space at times writing more or critically analyzing one article was difficult since the number of sources required was specified.I learned from the unit that organizations and government should work together for ensuring sustainability in social, economic, political and all other fronts. Practicing sustainability should begin at the basic level that is at the education front where the curriculum can include tenets of sustainability to be taught to the class. I learned about the important role of technology and innovations which should take place with a sense of responsibility and commitments towards sustainability. Here comes the role of the corporate houses especially the CSR aspect. The environment is the crucial aspect of sustainability but the idea is not just to protect the environment or raise campaigns for the same.

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