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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the significance of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is comprised of the tone of voice, touching, eyes, and facial expression. However, the distance between two or more people, posture, and dress are also some dimensions of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal Communication Everything such as time systems, physical space and material objects communicate. Nonverbal communication does not stop though verbal communication can be stopped or silenced. Messages can be conveyed through silence or words and activity or inactivity. Hence, no human being can keep a secret because he/she has ears to listen to and eyes to see. For instance, every part of the body speaks even the lips are silent (Dileo, 1977. CReducation.org, n.d). After birth, every human learns nonverbal communication and refines it with practice during his/her lifetime. By watching and imitating, children are taught nonverbal language. As compare to adults, at reading nonverbal cues, young children are more intuitive and they can easily verbalize nonverbal communication. However, adults rely on verbal communication. Nonetheless, the question is why humans use nonverbal communication. In this regard, the following reasons are obvious: • Through simple nonverbal signals, a speaker can enhance the verbal message’s complexity. moreover, to help send complex messages, a separate communication channel is a prerequisite• Nonverbal cues can convey thoughts but social etiquettes of the society do not allow communication through verbal communication. hence, feelings those are no adequate to express can be stated through nonverbal cues• Spoken words can be artificial and without feelings but nonverbal messages are based on truth and innermost feelings• Outside world is related to verbal messages while nonverbal cues express feelings. thus, they are more powerful• Clearly, words have some restrictions and there are many fields where verbal communication is less effective than nonverbal communication, for instance, for explaining personalities, shapes, and directions nonverbal cues are more effectiveThe importance of sign languageIn classroom, sign language plays a significant role. The students use it to communicate with other students, without disturbing the environment and they and the teacher use sign language for standing up, yes or no, sitting down, keep quiet, getting a drink and going to the bathroom (Professionally Speaking, n.d).

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