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Write a 6 pages paper on strategic integration of information technology and business. Additionally, large size firms make changes in their business environments, processes and technologies as they struggle to turn out to be more integrated and break down customary silos of responsibility and information systemsAt the present, the majority of business organizations use latest information technology based tools to perform business operations as they are well aware of the fact that computer systems and similar tools can help bring change in management and establishing their tasks, and that develop data integrity, minimize time and expenditures, reduce redundancy and produce information that fulfills the requirements of a variety of users. That is why the majority of businesses buy software that allows them to work better and smarter (Cameron. Chicago Business Improvements. Turban, Leidner and McLean).In addition, the efficient integration of information technology into approximately all business departments and areas all through industry dimensions has proved to be a major enabler to attaining a competitive market advantage. In view of the fact that when the business models develop, a business needs to analyze its customers’ buying and shopping behavior, the expansion in new marketplace entrants and competitors, the system’s time to reach marketplace, simplicity of maintainability and overall cost of having IT systems are some of the important aspects to consider in order to ensure effective business working and operational aims and objectives (Cameron. Chicago Business Improvements. Turban, Leidner and McLean).The implementation of modern information technology based tools and systems is significant for a business, for the reason that they allow business organizations to attain the organizational strategic aims and objectives, business strategy as it is recognized as one of its major constituents for the technological change and the suitable management of technology is a major factor for taking effective competitive advantages. Without a doubt, in the context of a business, changes happen with growing speed and taking benefit of opportunities completely depend on the use of effective tools and technologies that is why a business needs to be competitive has to become accustomed rapidly to market and internal changes.

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