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Write a 6 pages paper on uk membership in the european union. That is, before the establishment of towns and cities, the concentration of people was in villages, where they lived a way of life, governed by local politics.With the evolution of humans and territories, political setup, which ruled a village, also evolved and new political setups or governance came into being, to rule cities, provinces or states, and important countries. One of the political setups or governance that is visible all over the world, particularly in democratic countries is the Parliament. Parliament is the governing body that is endowed with the power of law-making and also functions as the forum for discussion and solution of peoples’ problems. “The term ‘Parliament’ is usually associated with the British system of parliamentary government, a system which has influenced the development of representative assemblies in many parts of the world” (Sapara). So, this paper will focus on the “Mother of Parliaments”, the United Kingdom Parliament, and will analyze its supremacy and importantly the issues that have crept in, to challenge that supremacy.The Parliament of the United Kingdom is the supreme legislative body for the United Kingdom and also its overseas territories. It only confers powers to all the other political bodies of the United Kingdom, who all form an important part of governance. The UK parliament is of bicameral mode, with an upper house, the House of Lords, and a lower house, the House of Commons. “By constitutional convention, all government ministers, including the Prime Minister, are members of the House of Commons or, less often, the House of Lords, and are thereby accountable to the respective branches of the legislature” (Wikipedia). So, in addition to conferring the power, the parliament makes them accountable for their actions, when they govern the people and take care of the public issues. Apart from these powers or&nbsp.functions, the UK Parliament’s main function is making and passing laws or acts.&nbsp.

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