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Write a 7 pages paper on advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated electrical cables. In this research, questionnaires were prepared and given to electricians and electrical contractors. A total of 40 electricians and contractors were interviewed in the quantitative research part of the dissertation. All the questions in the questionnaires were positive (statements) and multiple-choice. In addition, these questions were the hypotheses of the research study. The respondents were expected to choose one response among the provided multiple-choices. The multiple-choices were: strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree, disagree, and finally no opinion. Therefore, the respondents were expected to strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree, disagree, or have no opinion with/on hypotheses statements (questions) on the questionnaires. In this regard, the research analyzed perceptions of the respondents directly.The data collected from these responses were fed into excel and SPSS software for analysis. The data collected were fed into the SPSS software package in order to carry out t-tests. The collected data that was fed into excel software were analyzed in order to understand certain trends regarding the advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated electrical cables. The results of these analyses were as shown in the result and analysis section of this dissertation.The qualitative research was also carried out on the organizations that produce these prefabricated electrical cables. Both local and international companies were involved in this research. The companies were contacted through online services. The organizations that produce these cables were involved in this research in order to get the properties of these cables, as well as their qualities. Websites of these organizations were considered as secondary sources of data for the research.It is important to note that this research was done to confirm or contradict the research hypotheses. It is also important to note that the hypotheses for the study were the perceived advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated electrical cables, and they were as stated below.&nbsp.

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