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Write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville. Create only the “Basic Plan” section according to the examples in CPG101 v2 Chapter 3 and Appendix C. (Annexes will be created in other assignments and future classes as you progress through the program.)As the basis for your basic all-hazards EOP, use the description of the town, and the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) you created in EDMG101. If you have not taken EDMG101, use the sample provided here. You are allowed to reference other sample EOPs as a reference to create yours but should be altering the details to fit to the specific location you are addressing. You will use this document and execute this plan in future classes so help yourself by being thorough.The elements in your Basic EOP should be:Basic PlanIntroductory MaterialTable of ContentsApproval and Implementation PlanWhose buy-in and support you need to ensure the effectiveness of the plan and how you propose to secure it.How to share this plan with city/county officials, response organizations, and the public. Would there be opportunity for feedback?Purpose, Scope, Situation Overview, and AssumptionsPurposeScopeSituation OverviewHazard Analysis SummaryCapability AssessmentMitigation OverviewPlanning AssumptionsConcept of OperationsOrganization and Assignment ResponsibilitiesDirection, Control, and CoordinationInformation Collection, Analysis, and DisseminationCommunicationAdministration, Finance, and LogisticsPlan Development and MaintenanceSee page CPG101 beginning at pg3-12 for detailed explanation of these sections.Please create your response in a Microsoft word document, and upload as an attachment for submission. Pages are to be double-spaced utilizing Verdana 12 point font text and 1 inch margins.

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