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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Application of Rhetoric Theory. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. The speech emphasizes the need to be sensitive towards world tragedies by rescuing the affected individual. For instance, Franklin Delano Roosevelt managed to mobilize the American troops in the fight against the dictatorship of Hitler (Wiesel 1999). Despite his intervention in the war, it is documented that he did not allow a ship ferrying Jewish refugees to embark in the US, instead the ship was turned to Germany’s Nazis (Wiesel 1999). Therefore, there have been some discouraging cases when powerful nations have responded negatively against tragic events. Although the nations advocate for the need to save and protect humanity, some of their actions create confusion by failing to learn from historic events.Weaver addresses the decline of rhetoric in the present society by analyzing major causes as well as the individuals behind the reasoning. For instance, he quotes specific dialectic scenarios used by Socrates while defending his criticisms among Athenians (Weaver 1985). According to the theorist, dialect is simply abstract of reasoning based on the proposition. On the other hand, rhetoric relates dialect with the existing world while treating the facts sympathetically through appreciation of historical understanding. Thus rhetoric ensures that the order of internal spirit is maintained as well as external society. He argues that dialectic is subversive, as it promotes indifference, and has contributed towards the cultural decline of the present society. Therefore the essay will analyze the speech by Weasel while applying ideas raised by Weaver in defense of the rhetoric theory. The artifact will be analyzed to prove its relevance towards the study, followed by a thorough explanation of the rhetoric theory. Also, there will be a preview of points to be applied accompanied by the application of the theory. In addition, a clear summary of results as well as a conclusion will be provided (Weaver 1985).Artifact Justification The artifact considered for study contains important information that everyone should strive to get. Despite having been written many years after Weaver’s article on the role played by cultural rhetoric in society, the views raised by Weasel advocates the need to apply rhetorical reasoning in society.

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