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You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Lifestyle in Former Palestine. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The Balfour Declaration created in 1917 stated that Britain, which at the time ruled Palestine, was in favor of creating a Jewish homeland. The term “Palestinian” is a misnomer. The land of Palestine was under the rule of foreign power since Biblical times. The Arabs living in Palestine never had a ruling government. Britain and the UN, after World War II, set aside part of Palestine to create the new State of Israel. Another misconception is Jewish families came and threw Arab families off their land. The Jewish immigration since Herzl’s time had Jews coming to Palestine and buying land from local Arabs. After Israel declared their independence, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordon, and Lebanon immediately attacked the new nation. The newly formed IDF (Israel Defense Forces) beat back the attacking forces and after a year won what is today Israel, excluding the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights. The Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War gave Israel the Sinai, Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. Through negotiations, the Sinai was returned to Egypt. The others are known as the Occupied Territories. When Israel formed their government, Jewish interests were placed first. The Holocaust had brought the cry “Never Again” to the lips of every Israel. The Arabs or “Palestinians” felt ostracized in their own country. The new language was Hebrew first, then Arab, and the English. Jews from all over the world flooded the tiny country, which is no bigger than New Jersey. The refugees of the wars, instead of leaving for an Arab country, were placed in refugee camps. Refugee camps in the Occupied Territory are cramped apartments where hunger and poverty run wild. The Palestinians started fighting against Israel through terror attacks on civilian targets. The Mahlon School Massacre, the hijacked plane that landed in Entebbe, and the current bombings of restaurants and night clubs have outraged the Israelis and the world. Finally, the PA (Palestinian Authority) was given a chance to rule limited cities in the West Bank, but the corruption and misrule led the Israelis to take over once again. The Gaza Strip has been given to the Palestinians, but the PA and Hamas have not managed to solve their people’s problems. Israel invaded the Gaza Strip recently due to rockets coming from the area. Hamas cannot even stop the terror. Terror has become a way of life. The lifestyle in former Palestine now is one of impossible peace. The Palestinians need to have the training to create a stable government. Israel needs to provide more support for these endeavors. Today Israel fights for security and Palestinians fight for land. As long as these are the priorities, peace will be out of reach. It is not possible for the Israelis and Palestinians to work together in the foreseeable future.

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