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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on kant says that we should treat humanity…..never simply as ameans but always at the same time as an end in itself. what does this mean can a kantian form of ethics be usefully applied to problems of global ethics. To understand the place of Kant’s ethics, one will need to understand the relationship between means and ends in terms of global ethics. This will discussed throughout the paper in terms of areas of philosophy and cases where global ethics come into play. The following elements come into play here:The ends of humanity is often tied with the highest attainable human rights that make it possible for each and every individual to lead a secular and free life, filled with his or her personal choices and opinions. In the evolution of such world from ancient times until the global village in which we thrive today, there have been countless upheavals and instances of conflict which have served as the means towards such an end. Kantian ethics can be applied to social movements in such a case.A social movement is one that is punctuated with a highly idealistic environment with realistic parameters that set the stage for immediate results and emergence of future trends that will go onto dominate the structure and functioning of that particular society for generations to come. This is what the categorical imperative points at. Issues like principles, revolutionary change and personal strength and a search for identity of a group of people or society, are synonymous with social movements.For the measurement of success of any social movement, factors like skilful organization, optimum use of resources and the identification of opportunities, are vital indicators. Literature has always been a strong medium to convey the ideas that are contained in social movement. As self realization progresses, ethics will be looking at these factors closely through three pieces of work which have been written in context of the civil rights movement.

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