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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is playbour. Kücklich (2009) however introduced the term ‘playbour’ to dispute the premise given earlier by stressing that there are ways in which play could be used in productive ways for game players. This paper, therefore, looks at the concept of playbour from the perspective of the digital game and game culture by examining how playbour challenges the conceptualization that digital game players are merely the audience. It also analyses how the digital game and game culture impact issues of copyright and intellectual property. The latter will be done by delving into modding as a central practice within the later concept of playbour.Several definitions and explanations have been given on what playbour is, and what it represents. In the opinion of Kucklich (2009), playbour is any interaction, stimulatory or networked experience of a person who uses the techniques of play to extract some kind of labor from a user that might contribute to a corporate bottom-line. In essence, playbour is the productive utilization of play to create value. For most analysts and experts, the real bone of contention on the validity of playbour is the final beneficiary of the value created, whether it is the game player or the game maker (Sotamaa, 2010). Later in the paper, both dimensions of gainers will be assessed, but the main argument of the paper is that the game player benefits tremendously from playbour due to the interactive and participatory nature of the digital games and modern game culture. Whilst defining playbour as the productive component of play, there were four major techniques of play that were emphasized by Kücklich (2009). These are absorption, immersion, repetition, and recombination. Also writing on playbour, Postigo (2003) stressed that the term makes game players good citizens as it enables them to use their devices to help process information that clearly creates social and collective&nbsp.use.

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